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The Hidden Costs of a Car Accident

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Car accident costs are deceiving. Most people assume the devastation is limited to personal injuries and property damage. On the surface, that makes sense. However, there are often hidden costs to an accident that might surprise you.

There’s no way to anticipate what the full extent of your recovery is going to cost just days or even weeks after your car accident. Most accident victims have ongoing medical issues for months or even years after a serious accident, while some may never fully recover. That means continuous medical treatment that is going to cost you. That’s why signing a settlement agreement with the insurance company right away is a bad idea. Sure, the settlement check may pay your current medical bills, but what about the tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses yet to come?

Another hidden cost of an accident is lost wages. If you’re injured, you can’t work. And if you can’t work, you can’t provide for your family. That’s a tough pill to swallow for someone like you who has always provided for your family. And beyond physical limitations, there’s also the emotional distress. You can’t imagine how traumatic a near-death experience can be until it happens to you. It can take months to recover from that trauma, making it very difficult to focus on work. As a result, we’ve seen accident victims file for bankruptcy because their accident left their family without a livelihood.

The hidden costs of an accident can be more traumatic than the accident itself. An attorney knows these hidden costs and how to make the insurance company pay them. At Cory Watson, we have years of experience helping the injured people of Birmingham put their lives back together after a car accident, and we’re ready to help you too. If you’ve been injured, contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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