Ford Recalls 1.4 Million Cars for Defective Steering Wheels that Might Fall Off

Ford Motor Company is recalling more than 1.4 million cars in North America because the steering wheel can detach from the steering column and drivers could lose control. The problem is so bad, Ford is warning customers that their steering wheels could come off while they are driving on the road. The flaw has already been linked to two accidents and one injury, with more injuries expected.

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Which Ford Models are affected by the recall?

The Ford recall covers models of Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ cars built in Michigan or Mexico from 2014 through 2018.

The recall applies to every version of the Fusion:

  • Fusion S
  • Fusion SE
  • Hybrid S
  • Hybrid SE
  • Hybrid Titanium
  • Energi SE
  • Energi Titanium
  • Fusion Sport
  • Fusion Platinum
  • Fusion Hybrid Platinum
  • Fusion Energi Platinum

The recall also applies to every version of the Lincoln MKZ:

  • Lincoln MKZ Premier
  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Premier
  • Lincoln MKZ Black Label

Ford is also recalling another 6,000 Fusion and Focus models for a potential clutch pressure plate fracture that could pose a fire risk.

  • Ford Focus model years 2013-16 with the Fox GTDI engine and B6 manual transmissions
  • Ford Fusion model years 2013-15 with the Sigma GTDI engines and B6 manual transmissions

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