Real estate and commercial developers often have their eyes on profits, not building quality. When demand in a rapidly growing area booms, builders are pressed to meet expectations and often rush to complete projects on time. Cutting corners can result in dangerous, poorly built structures and lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Building Design and Construction Defects

When buying residential or commercial property, hire a reputable building or home inspector who can help you look for construction damage and defects in the premises like faulty wiring, poor insulation, defective plumbing, improper drainage, underground water, and inadequate land grading.

If the inspection finds building design or construction defects, you may be able to get the damage repaired and paid for by a warranty that covers the building, the work, or the equipment—and have the repair completed before the dangerous defect causes an injury or even more damage to the building.

Unfortunately, some repairs will not be covered by any warranty, and the cost of the repair will be on you.

Get Experienced Construction Defect Lawyers

Cory Watson Attorneys has handled these types of cases for years. We are thorough, efficient, and skilled when it comes to all matters involving building design and construction defects, including:

  • negotiating with the building company, property owner or seller, and their insurance company to help pay for your repairs
  • choosing and hiring professional witnesses to identify and assess the construction problems in your building
  • filing a complaint with the state license and compliance boards or filing a lawsuit in the courts
  • arguing your case in front of a jury if the defendant isn’t treating you fairly

At Cory Watson Attorneys, we believe in fighting for our clients’ rights and we are willing to take your case to court to help you win the compensation you need and deserve.

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