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Were you or a loved one diagnosed with lung cancer? You may qualify for compensation related to asbestos exposure. A history of smoking does not disqualify your claim; our experienced, dedicated asbestos lung cancer attorneys will review your medical records and investigate on your behalf.

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What Causes Asbestos Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is usually associated with a history of cigarette smoking. However, asbestos has also been shown to cause the devastating cancer. Those who worked directly with asbestos-containing materials, such as industrial workers, construction workers, mechanics, and veterans are among those most at risk due to their increased likelihood of prolonged occupational exposure.

Even if you worked with or around asbestos years ago, exposure to this dangerous carcinogen could be the cause of your current lung cancer diagnosis. Asbestos-related lung cancer has a long latency period, so your diagnosis may be traced back even if you were exposed to asbestos decades ago.

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For many years, asbestos companies knew of the dangers of this material but failed to warn consumers and regulators of the risks associated with exposure. Now, decades later, innocent people are paying for those companies’ mistakes. Victims can hold these asbestos companies accountable for the harm they have caused. Thousands have already recovered compensation for their asbestos-related lung cancer.

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