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Taxotere® Linked to Permanent Hair Loss

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Taxotere® Alopecia

American women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than any other form of cancer. And when women undergo chemotherapy while fighting the disease, they are often given Taxotere®, an injectable drug. While most patients are told to expect temporary hair loss during their treatment, some cancer survivors who were treated with Taxotere experience a side effect they weren’t warned about—permanent significant hair loss (alopecia) of the head, face (eyelashes and eyebrows) and body.

Permanent hair loss is more than cosmetic for cancer survivors; it is a constant reminder of their struggle and loss.  Hair loss is ranked amongst the most troubling side effects of cancer, as it can be distressing and can seriously affect a women’s self-esteem.

A study published in Annals of Oncology examined 20 female breast cancer patients and linked Taxotere to severe and permanent female hair loss. Other known causes of permanent female hair loss were excluded in the study and multiple treatments were all ineffective.

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