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Lawyer Cory Watson standing with four of his attorneys, 2 women and 3 men. They work personal injury cases.

The Power and Resources to Provide Justice

Attorneys nationwide turn to Cory Watson Attorneys when selecting co-counsel, referral counsel, and litigation partners for personal injury cases.

Our firm has built a national reputation for taking difficult cases to trial to get the maximum recovery for our clients. We regularly receive case referrals from other law firms because of a proven track record of success across our 38 years of practice.

We have recovered more than $2.7 billion in a variety of cases, the majority of which involved referrals from our colleagues, with attorneys who trust the integrity of our work and the results we consistently deliver.

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

As a firm, we have experienced tremendous success in litigating complex Class Action and Mass Tort claims. Our attorneys are frequently appointed to serve as Lead Counsel and other leadership positions in high-profile litigation involving pharmaceutical drugs and defective medical devices. In fact, we have represented clients in the largest drug and medical device settlements on record.

Our colleagues and clients are not afraid to take on multi-billion dollar, national corporations — like Pfizer, Deutsche Bank, Merck, General Motors, and DuPont—whose vast resources may discourage individuals from seeking justice.

At Cory Watson, we have the experience, manpower and financial resources these cases demand. As a result, we have built a national reputation for taking the hardest cases to trial to get the maximum recovery for our clients.

Why Referring Attorneys Choose Us

We are committed to leading litigation on behalf of people injured by defective products or by the wrongful conduct or negligence of others. Co-counsel attorneys trust Cory Watson to guide their clients through complex litigation, with confidence that clients will not be disregarded or lost in the shuffle.

Whether you are looking to refer cases or simply need a litigation partner, we encourage you to take advantage of the library of resources we continually share with co-counsel. Contact us today to discuss a case.

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