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Sexual Assault – Breaking through the Closed Doors

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Lindsey Lose, a 21-year-old thriving college student, recalls what it was like to be sexually abused as a child. Behind closed doors, she was molested by her own grandfather.

While many children look to their grandparents in adoration, Lindsey endured manipulative abuse that began when she was only 5-years old and continued throughout her early childhood. Lindsey recalls frequently visiting her grandparent’s home where her grandfather seized every opportunity to molest Lindsey, even when her grandmother was in the next room.

Lindsey was repeatedly threatened by her grandfather, a common tactic used by perpetrators. She was told that no one would believe her, that her family would disown her, and that she would be harmed if she ever decided to confide in anyone about the abuse.  Afraid of the consequences, Lindsey remained silent for years and endured continued molestation by her grandfather. When Lindsey was 11, her father learned that another child was being abused by his father-in-law, and Lindsey eventually confirmed that she too had been molested by her grandfather, Jamison Ross Moore.  Mr. Moore was later charged with multiple counts of child sex abuse and pled guilty to lesser charges of child abuse and indecent exposure.

Lindsey’s story and the stories of other survivors spotlight an epidemic that needs our immediate attention. Child sexual abuse occurs throughout all socioeconomic levels, backgrounds, and religions and often at the hands of perpetrators that we least expect. The statistics are devastating: 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused before they ever reach 18.  The predator to a young, vulnerable child could be anyone – even a trusted family member or close friend.

On January 18, 2016, Lindsey took a courageous step and filed a lawsuit against the man who took advantage of his trusted position in the family, and her grandmother who failed to ensure Lindsey’s safety. Lindsey’s boldness and the determination of those before her enable survivors of sexual abuse with the confidence they need to speak up and to seek the justice they deserve.

Cory Watson attorneys advocate for victims of sexual abuse and stand beside survivors as they seek due justice.

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