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How Old Are the Safest Drivers on the Road? You Might be Surprised.

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While older drivers often get a bad rap for their driving skills, a new study finds drivers 65 years and older are the safest drivers on the road.

While younger drivers often come from a “rules are meant to be broken” mindset, older drivers support more restrictions.

They are less likely to speed, drink and drive and more likely to wear their seatbelts than any other age group, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. More than 70 percent surveyed also support mandatory medical screenings for drivers over 75 years of age to renew their driver licenses.

However, not all of the findings are positive for elderly drivers. Risk factors like medical conditions, medication usage and reduced physical function do increase the risk of car accidents and injuries among older drivers. As people age their driving abilities change, but incorporating safe driving practices can be critical to helping older drivers maintain the freedom to come and go as they please.

Car Modifications Make Driving Easier

  • Challenged by the very act of getting into and out of the car, or getting around when you reach your destination? Simple car modifications can make life easier.
  • Are you barely able to see over the steering wheel? Cushions can help improve the overall view of the road and rear-view reflections.
  • Having trouble reaching the pedals? Pedal extenders provide several adjustable options.

Self-Regulation is Key

Safety should be your top priority. For this reason, it is important that you are honest with yourself and your family about your driving skills and adjust accordingly.

Does your reaction time feel slower?

Do people or cars “come out from nowhere” more often?

Do other drivers honk at you or make other indications that you’ve affected their driving?

You may also want to consider taking a driving class. Another bonus: you may get an insurance break for taking the classes, which are all about promoting safety and defensive driving.

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