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Monsanto Secretly Funded Internet Trolls to Downplay Roundup Risks

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A farmer sprays his vines. He is wearing no protective equipment.

Monsanto is yet again trying to convince the public that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the company’s popular herbicide Roundup, doesn’t cause cancer.

Last month, this blog published an article detailing Monsanto’s attempts to directly interfere with scientific literature on the subject as well as an EPA investigation into the chemical. Now, media outlets are reporting that the company is hiring internet trolls to respond to comments across the internet that portray Roundup in a negative light.

According to Germany transparency campaign group, LobbyControl, Monsanto also secretly funded studies suggesting “very severe impacts” would befall farmers and the environment if the United Kingdom banned its widely used weed killer Roundup. The reports indicated stopping the use of Roundup would have severe farming and environmental impacts.

Monsanto’s “Let Nothing Go” Program

Recently revealed court documents show that Monsanto, through the use of third parties, has been employing people to post comments defending Monsanto and its products in response to any and all negative social media comments and posts. This program, titled “Let Nothing Go,” has become so widespread that people on at least one popular online message board have started intentionally misspelling the word Monsanto in the hope that these internet trolls will not find and respond to their posts.


Unfortunately, this type of trolling makes it difficult for the public to engage in a rational discussion about a particular product. If posts on the web discussing potential risks associated with Roundup use are nearly always responded to with a Monsanto-funded comment defending the product, the general public is unlikely to take the danger as seriously.

Given the warning in 2015 from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that the active ingredient in Roundup probably causes cancer, the public deserves to have an unbiased view of the issue.


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