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IVC Filter Dangers

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IVC Filters (inferior vena cava filters) are spider-like medical devices which are implanted in the largest vein in the body, the vena cava, to filter blood clots and prevent them from traveling to arteries in the heart, brain, or lungs. Unfortunately, certain IVC Filters have been linked to many complications including migration, breakage, and failure of the filter. The FDA says that it received thousands of reports of IVC filter injuries and adverse events, mostly device migrations.

After people undergo surgery or suffer from severe injuries, the risk of blood clots affecting major veins or near the injury site is elevated.  IVC filters are used to aid those who cannot take blood thinning medication by preventing the blood clot through a small, cage-like device. However, sometimes the filters can migrate from their original location or even puncture a vein, causing many serious complications.

In 2010, the FDA announced an alert for retrievable IVC filters as many were causing events such as filter fracture, perforation of a vein, migration, and dislodged filter parts. The most common IVC products involved in IVC filter lawsuits are manufactured by either Bard or Cook Medical. These devices in particular have known to cause serious side effects such as migration or vein puncture. All patients should speak with their doctor about when it is safe to remove the device as IVC filters can cause complications if they remain in the body for too long.

At Cory Watson Attorneys, we hold medical device companies responsible when they produce dangerous products. Companies which are negligent and endanger the public need to be held accountable when their products cause you harm. If you experienced serious side effects as a result of a defective IVC Filter, call (877) 686-8992 or request a free case evaluation to have your claim reviewed for free by one of our experienced medical device attorneys.

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