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Helmets Play an Important Role in Sports and Bicycle Safety

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A new British study published in the Neurology journal revealed that even mild concussions can cause brain damage. Unfortunately, according to the American Academy of Neurology, 2 to 4 million people suffer concussions each year from sports activities.

The Neurology study pool included 53 people from the ages of 16-68 years old who had reported to the emergency room with a concussion. Reportedly 44 people had mild concussions and 9 people had moderate concussions. After reviews of MRIs that were performed 6 days after the injuries, the scans showed damage to nerve cells that were responsible for transmitting information. The scans were compared to the brain scans of 33 uninjured people. The injured group performed worse on verbal testing and still demonstrated signs of damaged brain cells one year later. Helmets make a difference and can prevent injuries that have long-lasting effects!

Cory Watson is proud to sponsor the Helmets for Kids program. Cory Watson Attorneys launched Helmets for Kids to encourage children to always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. We provide free bicycle helmets for children, along with age-appropriate booklets encouraging bicycle safety and accident prevention.

Cory Watson Attorneys has teamed with Children’s of Alabama, Childcare Resources, United Way of Central Alabama and other organizations to distribute more than 2,000 bicycle helmets to children who need them.

Call us at 1-800-686-8992 to schedule an appointment to get a helmet!

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