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Car Crash Fatality Statistics Impact Alabama Drivers

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Driving statistics are important, as they provide us a glimpse into the trends and dangers that impact Alabama drivers as a whole. With that information, we can adjust our driving habits to make roads safer for everyone.

Recently, the Auto Insurance Center released a report with some interesting statistics. Here are a few statistics that are important for drivers in the state of Alabama:

Rush hour, between 5-6 p.m., is the most dangerous time of the day to drive, accounting for more than 3,000 combined deaths in 2015. In addition, the most dangerous day of the week is Saturday (5,317 deaths) while August is the most dangerous month (2,747 deaths), followed by July with 2,707 deaths. As far as holidays go, the Fourth of July and New Year’s Day are the most dangerous days of the year.

Another interesting finding from the report was that drivers are most likely to die in a car crash – 63% of all MVA-related deaths last year, followed by passengers (18%), pedestrians (15%), and bicyclists (2%). The report also found that inebriation continues to be a contributing factor to fatal car crashes, but it’s no longer only limited to alcohol. In fact, marijuana was a factor in 900 fatal car crashes last year, 3.5 times more frequent than any other illegal drug.

These statistics are scary, but they can also be enlightening. If they cause just one person to change their driving habits for the better and possibly save a life, all the scary statistics will be worthwhile. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how safely you drive, you can’t avoid an accident. If you’ve been injured, call the experienced Alabama car accident attorneys at Cory Watson today for a free consultation. We’ll protect your rights by fighting to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

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