Zimmer Spine Dangers

Zimmer Spine Inc.’s PEEK Ardis® Inserter is a surgical instrument designed to implant the PEEK Ardis Interbody Spacer during spinal surgeries. Zimmer Spine claims that the Ardis Inserter is the only proper way to insert the spacer into a patient’s spine during a procedure. However, reports indicate that the spacers can break or fracture during surgeries when too much force is applied to the Ardis Inserter. Serious injuries to the patient can occur when the spacers break like this.

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Ardis® Inserter Recalled

In December 2012, Zimmer Spine voluntarily recalled all 315 lots of its PEEK Ardis Inserter, and surgeons and hospitals were instructed to stop using the device immediately.

Shortly after, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class I recall on the Ardis Inserter instrument, stating there is “reasonable probability” that use of the product will result in serious adverse health consequences or death. Class I recalls are the most serious type of FDA recall.

Because the PEEK Ardis Interbody Spacer cannot be inserted without the recalled Ardis Inserter, the PEEK Ardis implant system was unavailable for use until a redesigned tool was cleared by the FDA.

What Are the Risks?

If the PEEK Ardis Spacer breaks while being implanted, it can delay surgery by up to 60 minutes and cause:

  • cerebrospinal fluid leakage,
  • dural tears (tears in the thin covering of the spinal cord),
  • nerve injuries, and
  • significant blood loss.

Long-term health risks from a Peek Ardis spacer fracture include disability or even death.

Protect Your Rights

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PEEK Ardis® is a registered trademark of Zimmer Spine, Inc. and is used here only to identify the product in question.

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