When a person dies as the result of another person’s actions, it may be considered a wrongful death, and the survivors have the right to bring a lawsuit against the responsible party. Whether the death was a result of negligent or intentional behavior, a case of wrongful death can have a deep and lasting impact on the family members and loved ones of the deceased individual.

Unfortunately, many surviving family members are not aware that they may have a strong case for a wrongful death lawsuit. Families struggle with grief and loss while facing funeral expenses and suffering the results of lost income, not knowing the person responsible for the death of their loved one may and should be held accountable.

Whether through an auto accident, medical malpractice case, or a workplace injury—if you lost a loved one because of another person’s negligent or careless actions, Cory Watson Attorneys can offer legal counsel and pursue compensation for you and your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wrongful Death Claims

The days and months following the death of a loved one can be a confusing time. Family members often have questions, but have a hard time expressing their concerns because of the profound grief and sadness associated with the loss of their loved one. At Cory Watson Attorneys, we’re here to help provide the answers you need during this trying time.

Who can file a wrongful death claim?

Immediate family members—spouses, minor children, and parents—can bring a suit for wrongful death. Some state’s laws may allow partners, grandparents, or adult children to also file suit.

What’s the difference between murder and wrongful death?

The main difference is that murder constitutes a criminal case, while wrongful death is a term used in a civil suit. If a defendant loses a civil case of wrongful death they will typically not go to prison, as they would in a criminal case, which is brought by the state not the victims. When a court decides in favor of the plaintiff in a wrongful death case, the defendant (person held responsible for the death) is typically ordered to pay financial restitution.

What is the time limit for a wrongful death claim?

A statute of limitations applies in cases of wrongful death but varies by state. In Alabama, a wrongful death claim must be brought within two years of the date of the death of the victim.

Who is liable for the death of my loved one?

Depending on the circumstances, the negligent party may be an employer, a reckless or drunken driver, a big drug company that failed to warn consumers of a drug’s side effects, a manufacturer of a defective product or any other individual or company whose actions or inaction contributed to the passing of your loved one.

Are surviving children eligible for benefits and compensation?

Yes—surviving minor and adult children can receive compensation and benefits from a wrongful death suit. Mental anguish, loss of companionship and the financial contributions that would have been made for care, education and raising the child could all be recovered in some states.

If the deceased did not hold a job, can I still file a claim?

Yes. In Alabama, monetary damages are recoverable regardless of the victim’s job status. In many other states, any contributions a person made to the family can be counted as a loss for the family. Raising children and nurturing the family can be counted as important contributions that are now considered significant financial losses.

Do I need a wrongful death attorney?

Contacting a wrongful death lawyer can ensure your family’s rights will be preserved. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means there is no cost to you until we return a successful settlement or verdict. Under this contingency fee arrangement, victims do not have to worry about legal expenses when hiring an attorney. The attorney is not compensated until and unless the injured party is compensated.

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