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Have you sustained significant financial losses in oil, gas, or energy-related investments? The securities fraud attorneys at Cory Watson may be able to help you recover rightful compensation.

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Brokers and financial advisors often tout energy-related investments as safe, reliable investments producing significant income with little to no risk. Thousands of investors, many of them seniors interested in generating income for retirement, believed these misrepresentations.

Recently, oil, gas, and energy stocks and investments have suffered catastrophic declines in value and proved to be far riskier than described by financial advisors. Many investors have lost their hard-earned life savings as a result, while their brokers earned substantial commissions.

If you are an investor who has suffered significant losses in oil, gas, or energy-related investments, or in energy-related REIT investments, contact the investment fraud lawyers at Cory Watson. We will provide aggressive legal representation to help you seek rightful compensation for your losses.

Protecting the Investor and Recovering Losses

At Cory Watson, we represent individual investors who have suffered losses in oil, gas, and other energy-related investments. If your broker or advisor is at fault, we can fight to help you win just compensation.

Our firm is prepared to pursue legal action against brokers, fund managers, and advisors who took advantage of your trust or over-concentrated your portfolio in these high-risk positions.

Are You Entitled to Make an Investment Loss Claim?

When your investments don’t match your needs or goals, contact an experienced attorney to discuss your legal rights and discover what claims might be available to pursue recovery of your losses.

Wondering whether you can recover investment losses? Explain your situation, and we’ll tell you. Contact Cory Watson attorneys to learn more about your options for pursuing a claim.

A Nationwide Law Firm with Extensive Experience

Our experienced team of investment fraud attorneys has the resources, knowledge, and skill to hold even the largest brokerage firms accountable. Cory Watson is currently investigating losses from oil, gas, and energy investments across the United States.

If you’re considering speaking with an oil, gas, or energy investment fraud lawyer about recovering losses, there are a few things you should know about Cory Watson Attorneys:

  • We have recovered more than $3 billion for clients across the country.
  • Our team of attorneys has decades of relevant experience successfully resolving complex litigation. Our track record of success – which goes back over 38 years – speaks for itself.
  • We offer complimentary consultations to all harmed investors and work on a contingency-fee basis. Our firm only takes a fee if we successfully recover compensation for you.

You do not have to accept the damage to your financial security or loss of your life savings. Count on our experience to guide you through the litigation process.

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If you experienced significant financial losses in oil, gas, or energy-related investments, we are here to help. We are not afraid of taking on corrupt firms, and we can and will combat some of the largest brokerage firms throughout the United States.

Don’t wait to reach out – it is important to seek legal help right away. Many investors have already taken action, and you want to ensure you have the opportunity to recover your own losses.

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