Paragard IUD Injuries & Lawsuits

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Cory Watson Attorneys are investigating potential lawsuits for women who have been injured by the Paragard IUD birth control device. Several thousand reports of Paragard IUD breakage have been filed with the FDA since 2013. Of those cases, over a hundred have reportedly resulted in hospitalization or life-threatening complications.

Broken Paragard IUDs can lead to complications, infections, and surgeries. Despite reports of injury, the Paragard IUD remains widely available to consumers as a popular hormone-free alternative to other hormone-based IUD devices. 

As more reports of Paragard-related injury and complications come in, Cory Watson Attorneys remain committed to seeking justice and potential damages for consumers who may have suffered due to Paragard usage. To ensure that our clients receive the aid they need during the healing process, Cory Watson Attorneys will advocate aggressively on your behalf and handle your case with the utmost care.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or required surgery from a broken Paragard IUD, contact our legal team immediately.

What is Paragard?

Paragard is an intrauterine birth control device (IUD) which relies on copper rather than hormones to prevent pregnancy. The Paragard IUD was first approved by the FDA in 1984 and was available on the market as far back as 1988. 

Paragard is a T-shaped device featuring copper around both arms and the central trunk. The copper in the Paragard IUDs is a natural spermicide and encourages an inflammatory reaction within the uterus to prevent fertilization. 

Paragard is the only copper-based alternative to hormonal IUDs available in the US, contributing to its popularity and widespread usage. Paragard is also billed as a “longer-lasting” IUD, and claims to remain effective for up to 10 years or longer.

Reports of Paragard-Related Injury

Voluntary reports from consumers to the FDA illustrate an alarming number of Paragard-related injuries. An investigative report conducted by the Sinclair Broadcast Group in March of 2021 used the FDA’s own Adverse Events Reporting System database to uncover thousands of injuries and complications reportedly caused by Paragard since 2013.

Among those cases, there have been:

  • 3,186 reports of “device breakage”
  • 1,910 of which have been “serious”
  • With 102 reports of hospitalization and life-threatening complications

These reports may only represent a small portion of related injuries across Paragard’s 33-year availability. However, to date, Paragard has not been recalled by the manufacturer specifically for breakage issues. No class action claims have been filed against the manufacturer, though dozens of individual lawsuits have been brought. 

Paragard’s manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, is currently facing lawsuits alleging that it failed consumers by not warning them that the IUD could break upon removal, among other claims.

Among existing lawsuits, claims include that:

  • The companies responsible for Paragard acted negligently.
  • The Paragard IUD was defectively designed and manufactured.
  • The risk of breakage is not included on the product warning label.

Injuries Associated with Paragard

Many of the reported claims of Paragard-related injury have centered on device breakage. Even under the supervision of physicians, the IUD has been known to break during the removal process. In some cases, ultrasounds have been required to locate broken or missing IUD fragments followed by surgeries to remove those fragments.

Injuries associated with Paragard breakage include:

  • Perforation of the uterus
  • Device migration
  • Copper wire left inside the body
  • Pelvic pain
  • Expulsion
  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Organ damage

Some injuries, such as uterine perforation, can further contribute to life-threatening complications such as hemorrhaging or sepsis. Internal bleeding and infection can require costly surgeries to repair and an excessively long and painful recovery period. 

Litigation History

Despite the absence of pending class-action lawsuits against Teva Pharmaceuticals, enough individual cases have been filed (more than 100 lawsuits to date) to warrant consolidation into multi-district litigation

As of March 2021, momentum is continuing to build against Paragard and its manufacturer. Stories of Paragard-related injuries are making the rounds on social media with one such Facebook support group including nearly 9,000 members

At Cory Watson Attorneys, we continue to monitor legal action against Paragard’s manufacturer, with one of our own attorneys, Andy Jones, being recently named to the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for In Re: Paragard IUD Products Liability Litigation–the multidistrict litigation involving serious complications linked to Paragard.

As one of 17 attorneys appointed by US District Judge Leigh Martin May, Andy will help oversee the investigation, development, coordination, and presentation of potential Paragard injury cases. 

So far, neither Teva Pharmaceuticals nor the Federal Drug Administration have taken meaningful action to address the risks associated with Paragard breakage. As momentum against the manufacturer continues to build, however, this may swifty change.

Seeking Justice

Cory Watson Attorneys have been seeking justice for personal injury victims for over 38 years–considerably longer than Paragard has been available on the US market. In that time, we’ve successfully litigated on behalf of our clients against some of the most powerful and influential companies in the world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Excellent legal representation, honesty, integrity, and innovation are among the many hallmark values cherished and demonstrated by our team. If you’ve suffered an injury due to Paragard breakage, you’ve already been through enough. We’re prepared to handle your case without further, undue stress or hassle to get you what you need on your path to recovery. 

Our personal injury lawyers are regularly called to serve as Lead Counsel, Class Counsel, and in other leadership positions in legal actions, including multi-district litigation and class-action lawsuits. 

Consumers who may have been harmed by Teva Pharmaceuticals and the Paragard IUD deserve justice, and Cory Watson Attorneys are here 24/7 to help them achieve it.

If you or someone you know has been injured or affected by a Paragard IUD, contact us today.

Our personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for you. Call Cory Watson Attorneys today at (877) 761-8314 or simply complete our free online consultation form.

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