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Lives in the Balance: Feature by BHM BIZ

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Nissan Car Accident Attorneys Cory Watson

Not only was a $25 million verdict against Nissan a big case for Cory Watson Attorneys, its impact changed lives.

“A jury in Los Angeles returned a $25 million verdict for three plaintiffs against Nissan in a lawsuit blaming faulty brakes for a car crash that killed three victims. The crash that occurred at an intersection in Hollywood involved a minivan and an Infiniti QX56, manufactured by Nissan. The van driver and her two children were killed when the Infiniti driven by Solomon Mathenge slammed into their vehicle.

Cory Watson attorney Jerome Tapley, who is based in Birmingham and served as lead attorney in the case. says the firm became involved after a family member reached out to them. Tapley has described the case is a perfect microcosm of the importance of the law and the careful, measured pursuit of justice. “This case affirms that the justice system works to hold wrongdoers accountable, and that good Birmingham lawyers can try a case anywhere.”

Along with Tapley, fellow Cory Watson attorneys Brett Turnbull, Ryan Lutz, Adam Pittman and Ryan Myers represented plaintiffs in the case.

“We applaud the jury for their diligence and hard work reviewing the evidence in this case. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost their loved ones in this tragic accident that could have been avoided. We hope this verdict will inspire Nissan to step up and take responsibility for the safety of their vehicles so that no one else is killed or injured because of a product defect Nissan failed to reveal and recall.”

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