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NHTSA Investigating General Motors Faulty Brake Booster Issues

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – General Motors is under investigation by the U.S. government for more than 100 complaints of faulty brake booster performance on 2.7 million pickup trucks and SUVs.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says a brake vacuum pump can deteriorate, causing increased braking effort and longer stopping distances. The agency has received 111 consumer complaints, including reports of nine crashes and two injuries.

California Class Action Lawsuit Legitimized by NHTSA Report

The faulty brake issue was first brought to national attention by a class action lawsuit filed in California on behalf of Scott and Samantha Peckerar, claiming that General Motors knowingly installed defective braking systems in thousands of vehicles and failed to inform consumers of the dangers.

“The NHTSA’s investigation further legitimizes our clients claim that GM’s defective brakes create a dangerous issue for all drivers, motorists, and pedestrians on U.S. roadways,” said the plaintiff’s attorney, Jerome Tapley of Cory Watson Attorneys.

The class action complaint cites the defective braking system as a clear safety hazard that was never disclosed to any member of the class prior to purchase and charges that GM continues to lease and sell the affected vehicles despite being aware of the brake defect and the danger it poses.

“We are aware of a handful of people who have been injured by the defect alleged in this lawsuit. We are at the forefront of this nationwide investigation, which leads us to believe that it is only a matter of time until more people are hurt,” said principal attorney Ryan Lutz of Cory Watson Attorneys. “We won’t back down until something is done.”

GM’s Defective Braking System and Affected Vehicles

Filed in United States District Court, Central District of California, Eastern Division, the suit also says the defective braking systems were installed in all of the following vehicles (the “Class Vehicles”) and sold or leased to consumers in California and across the United States, including the Plaintiffs:

  • 2015 to present Cadillac Escalades
  • 2014 to present Chevrolet Silverados
  • 2015 to present Chevrolet Suburbans
  • 2015 to present Chevrolet Tahoes
  • 2014 to present GMC Sierras
  • 2015 to present GMC Yukon/Yukon XLs

Tapley leads the Cory Watson Attorneys team that includes Ryan Lutz and Adam W. Pittman, working on behalf of the plaintiffs along with attorneys, Clay Barnett of Beasley Allen in Atlanta, Ga., Sean F. Rommel and Jim Wyly of Wyly-Rommel, PLLC in Texarkana, Texas and Paul R. Kiesel, Jeffery A. Koncius and Nicole Ramirez of Kiesel Law in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Cory Watson has successfully won lawsuits against the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, including a $24.9 million dollar verdict against Nissan in 2017 for a similar brake system failure issue. Cory Watson Attorneys also teamed with Kiesel Law in that case.

“General Motors must be held accountable for the safety of the vehicles they make, and for the safety of the consumers who buy them,” said attorney Adam Pittman of Cory Watson Attorneys. “GM’s continued disregard has led to a potentially life-threatening issue being swept under the rug by an automobile manufacturer that sells hundreds of thousands of these vehicles each year.”

General Motors issued a series of service bulletins to its dealers regarding the brake defect, but GM has not directly alerted vehicle owners of the faulty brake issues.

Let Our Experience Be Your Strength

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