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New York Health Department Confirms Legionnaires’ Disease at Hospital

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The New York Health Department conducted tests at St. Joseph’s Hospital and confirmed that Legionella Bacteria is present in two patients’ sinks and an ice machine.

According to, the testing began when three patients were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease. Two of the three patients who became infected with Legionnaires’ disease caught it from the hospital. Officials are still trying to determine if the third patient, who died from the disease, was infected at the hospital.

Hospital officials told that, “the faucets in the locations where the bacteria was found are ‘low-flow’ faucets designed to save water. Those faucets, because of their design, can contribute to an increase in growth of Legionella and other bacteria.”

St. Joseph’s has taken measures to try and prevent the spread of Legionnaires’ disease by installing special faucet filters and by hiring outside consultants who are experts about Legionnaires’ disease to conduct further testing.

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