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New C-8 Contamination Concerns: Some West Virginia Residents Advised, “Do Not Drink the Water”

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Health officials have issued Drinking Water Warnings for Parkersburg, Martinsburg and Vienna, West Virginia. The “do not drink” warnings were issued on May 19, 2016 after the federal Environmental Protection Agency released a new national standard for C-8. C-8 is a chemical that has contaminated the drinking water of these areas, as well as others, for years and is linked to many illnesses such as cancer, thyroid disease and high blood pressure in pregnant women.

In an interview with the Charleston Gazette, Dr. Rahul Gupta commissioner of the state Bureau for Public Health, said “The Bureau for Public Health is working with the town of Vienna to implement appropriate precautions, which will include a ‘Do Not Drink’ advisory until additional testing and evaluation takes place. The Department of Health and Human Resources and the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety will assist those affected by the EPA’s advisory, and the state will assist in securing the installation of new filters. Two other public water systems in West Virginia, located in Parkersburg and Martinsburg, were also affected by the new EPA thresholds. They have taken immediate action by using additional water sources to provide water.”

Cory Watson attorneys play a leading role in the DuPont C-8 litigation involving chemicals DuPont used in Teflon production that polluted the Ohio River. Cory Watson has been working on behalf of the people injured by DuPont’s use of the toxic chemical C-8 in the West Virginia and Ohio areas, and advises residents to participate in the bottled-water programs and take appropriate precautions.

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