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This is Why You Need a Lawyer After Your Car Wreck

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The moments after a car accident can be confusing. You’re hurt, you don’t know who to talk to, and you need help. The accident was the other driver’s fault, but you aren’t sure what to do next. You’re worried about hospital bills and missing work. How will you support your family?

Insurance companies are not always looking out for your best interest. Like any business, insurance companies are looking to pay out as little money as possible. The amount they offer to you as compensation for your property damage, injuries and other damages is often inadequate and unfair. Initial compensation offers from insurance companies seldom account for lost wages from missed work, or the psychological stress and anguish that you suffered as a result of the car wreck.

Personal injury attorneys fight for YOU.

Haggling with the insurance company may be the last thing on your mind when you are dealing with car repair or replacement, treating your injuries, or, in some cases, the death of a loved one. Lawyers deal with the insurance company, so you don’t have to, and make sure that you get the maximum compensation that you deserve. You are trying to rebuild your life after the wreck, and auto accident attorneys are fighting for you to get the resources you need to do so.

You need someone on your side to help you through this trying time.

I Can’t Afford a Lawyer

You don’t pay anything out of pocket for a lawyer at Cory Watson Attorneys. We operate on a contingency fee system; if your case is successfully settled, attorney fees are simply deducted from the settlement before you receive your compensation check.

You can afford a lawyer. You can’t afford not having one.

What can I do to help my case?

After your accident, there are several things you can do to ensure you are compensated fairly.

Document the Scene of the Accident

  • Take photos and/or video of damage to your vehicle and other vehicles involved in the wreck
  • Immediately write down what happened leading up to the accident
    • Details can be easily forgotten after the fact, be as detailed as you can
    • Include the weather conditions, road conditions, directions of travel for all vehicles involved
  • Gather witness accounts if possible

See a Doctor Immediately

  • Even if you don’t think you are injured after your accident, have a doctor examine you for any injuries
  • Choose the physician yourself, don’t let the insurance company decide for you
  • Document any and all injuries, and report them to your doctor

Call Your Insurance Company

  • Call as soon as possible after your accident, delaying the report can hurt your claim

Don’t Sign Anything from Your Insurance Company

  • Speak to an auto accident lawyer before signing anything

Keep a Diary

  • To ensure you don’t forget anything, keep a diary of how you feel, both physically and emotionally, for several weeks following your accident

Keep All Receipts and Records of Expenses

  • Keep any receipts and bills for doctor visits, prescriptions, rental cars, as well as travel and parking expenses

Call an Experienced Lawyer

  • The auto accident attorneys at Cory Watson are standing by, and are ready to fight for you

Free Consultation

When you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s easy to get the help you need—the Birmingham personal injury lawyers at Cory Watson Attorneys are ready to fight for you. Pick up the phone and call us at 877-562-0000 or fill out our free consultation form on this page today.

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