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What You Need to Know About Party Host Liability

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Gatherings of friends and family to celebrate the holidays are a regular occurrence throughout the month of December. During this time of year, the Alabama injury lawyers at Cory Watson Attorneys would like to remind you of the importance of being a responsible host if you plan to have a party at your home or business.

Alabama’s Dram Shop Act and Civil Damages Act create standards for party host liability that allow those who are injured or harmed as a result of a host’s negligence to hold the host of the event responsible for damages under certain circumstances. The most common situation leading to a lawsuit is when the host serves alcohol to a minor or an obviously drunk guest, and the minor or guest drives away from the party and injures or kills another person or themselves because he or she is drunk.

Driving while intoxicated isn’t the only bad conduct that may cause host liability. An article from highlighted a case where a homeowner was facing criminal charges in connection with a rape that occurred at an underage drinking party that was taking place in her home.

To protect yourself and keep your guests safe when you host a party and serve alcohol Cory Watson Attorneys suggest taking the following precautions:

  • Be responsible when serving alcohol–  Keep an eye on party activities.
  • Offer a safe way home – Make sure no guests get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. This means getting cabs and having designated drivers for those who need a safe ride home. Not only could it prevent those you care about from getting a DUI or DWI, it also makes sure no one’s life is put in danger.
  • Hold your event at a neutral location– Having your party at a restaurant or other gathering place not only adds atmosphere and ambiance to your event, but it can also help alleviate some party host liability concerns.

We hope these tips help you to have a fun and safe holiday season!

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