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National Love Your Lawyer Day

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Today is National Love Your Lawyer Day!  The founder of the American Lawyers Public Image Association started this day in 2001 as a way to celebrate lawyers and all the hard work they do.  This is the first year that the American Bar Association has officially recognized Love Your Lawyer Day.

Everyone knows a good lawyer joke, so to make this day even more interesting, there is a “fine” for making lawyer jokes and for saying rude or negative things about attorneys. For every “lawyer bashing” joke, the naysayer is fined $20 to be paid to the charity of their choosing.  Lawyers are encouraged to celebrate the day by working work one hour of pro bono work or donating the equivalent of an hour’s work to their choice of a charity. This is a great way to raise money for charity and celebrate the hard work of lawyers on the same day.

Our lawyers have started 2015 Love Your Lawyer Day by making donations to the United Way and TumTum Tree Foundation, which reminds us… Why does the cemetery bury lawyers in graves twice as deep as normal?  Because deep down, lawyers can be good people.

For the record, every day at Cory Watson Attorneys is “We love our clients day!” We are grateful for the trust our clients place in us, and we show our appreciation for them by doing everything possible to secure the justice they deserve.

To learn more about Love Your Lawyer Day, read the official American Bar Association proposal.

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