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Make Sure You Are Covered: Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage


Imagine you are driving home from work when another driver runs a red light and crashes into you. The wreck totals your car and the impact breaks your leg. Who is responsible for the damage to your car and the medical bills for your broken leg?

The obvious answer is the driver that hit you is responsible for the damages to your vehicle and for the injury you sustained. This means that the insurance company that is providing coverage for the driver that hit you will be responsible for paying for your property damage and medical bills.


Alabama law requires every driver to carry liability insurance (Ala. Code §32-7A-4). Unfortunately, if the driver that hit you does not have insurance then there will be no money available from the driver that caused the wreck to pay for the damage to your vehicle and your medical bills. This scenario is more likely than you might think since recent studies show that nearly 20% of Alabama drivers do not carry insurance.

What can you do to protect yourself from this scenario? You can make sure that you have UM/UIM insurance on your own policy. UM/UIM stands for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance.  Insurance companies are required to offer this coverage with every policy they offer (Ala. Code §32-7-23) but you are allowed to refuse this coverage and many drivers refuse this coverage just to save a few dollars. This coverage is important to have on your policy because in the scenario described above the UM/UIM insurance would pay you for your property damage and pay your medical bills.


Even if the driver that hit you has insurance, they may not have ENOUGH insurance. In Alabama, drivers are only required to carry insurance that pays a maximum of $25,000 to a single person in a wreck. It is very easy for your medical bills to total well over $25,000. If you have UM/UIM insurance it will cover any bills or damages that cost more than the amount of insurance of the driver that caused the wreck carries. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that all drivers have at least $100,000 in UM/UIM coverage.

We have seen many cases where our client was badly injured in a motor vehicle accident where the driver that hit them either had no insurance or too little insurance. Do not allow yourself to be put in that situation. Call your insurance adjuster today and ask them how you can add UM/UIM insurance to your policy now.


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