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A Legal Perspective on Legionella

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Cory Watson attorney Andy Jones’s article, “A Legal Perspective on Legionella,” is featured in the American Association for Justice’s Spring 2015 STEP newsletter.

The article contains a wealth of information about the disease caused by this bacteria, known as Legionnaires’ Disease. It also details how Legionnaire’s disease is spread, who is most affected, stories of those who were exposed, what is being done to control outbreaks, and who is responsible.

Check out this excerpt from the article:

“In an environment of increasing awareness of Legionella and its effects, there is little excuse when those responsible for public water systems fail to take steps to safeguard them against the bacteria.  An increasing number of lawsuits are being filed on behalf of those affected by Legionella outbreaks, and several of these have resulted in large trial verdicts.”

Andy Jones, Cory Watson Attorneys

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