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Keurig Heats Up More Than Your Coffee

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Coffee is a great way to get a jump on your morning routine, but that jump should come from the jolt of caffeine – not your coffee maker catching fire or exploding with hot liquid. Unfortunately, many of Keurig’s single-cup coffeemakers have been doing just that.

Our firm recently filed a product liability lawsuit involving a house fire started by a Keurig single-cup brewing machine. In this case, we represent the family whose home was severely damaged by the fire and smoke. Thankfully, the only physical injuries suffered by our clients were from smoke inhalation. The fire was investigated by the Vestavia Hills Fire Department, who determined the source of the fire to be the Keurig brewing machine.

A quick internet search reveals that this is not an isolated event. There are multiple reports of Keurig brewing systems being the source of house and apartment fires. Many customer reviews for the product posted on detail complaints of the unit starting fires, melting plastic, and producing smoke, even when the unit is turned off. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has received over 200 reports of hot water escaping the brewer, including 90 reports of burn-related injuries.

Keurig has also recently recalled more than 7 million machines after receiving dozens of reports of users getting burned by scalding water.

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