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Kentucky Man Hospitalized after E-Cigarette Explosion

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A Kentucky man is recovering from second-degree burns suffered when an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. The incident was caught on surveillance video; the victim was standing in line in a convenience store when the e-cigarette battery in his pocket exploded without warning. A video shows the man running out of the store, trying desperately to remove his clothes which were in flames. Onlookers finally doused the flames with a fire extinguisher.

The Kentucky case is the latest in a rash of e-cigarette explosions reported nationwide. Most cases appear to be related to the e-cigarette batteries, raising red flags about the safety of the popular tobacco substitutes that are part of a multi-billion dollar industry. A Florida man suffered disfiguring facial burns in an accident he said was caused by an e-cigarette exploding in his mouth. In Ohio, a fire department issued a public warning after a lab worker had an e-cigarette blow up inside the pocket of his lab coat.

The explosions are likely linked to the lithium-ion batteries that fuel the vaporizers in electronic cigarettes. Lithium-ion batteries are the same category of battery that charge cell phones and laptop computers. Lithium-ion batteries have also been reported as the cause of explosions in cell phones and other electronic devices, including “hoverboards.”

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