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Jury Delivers $2 Million Verdict in Cancer Case Against DuPont

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An Ohio jury has ordered DuPont to pay Kenneth Vigneron $2 million dollars plus punitive damages after Vigneron contracted testicular cancer linked to water contaminated by a DuPont plant that manufactured Teflon.

Cory Watson attorney Nina Towle Herring serves on the legal team representing the man who held DuPont accountable for the water contamination that led to hundreds of documented illnesses including cancers. The pollution was traced to a Teflon manufacturing plant that discharged water contaminated with the toxic chemical C-8 into drinking water serving more than a dozen communities.

It’s the third jury verdict against DuPont in the C-8 contamination litigation, but the chemical giant has vowed to fight plaintiffs one by one rather than admit wrongdoing and compensate all victims.

Cory Watson represents hundreds of clients similarly injured, and ten plaintiffs who already have trials scheduled to begin in the next 18 months.

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