Johnson & Johnson Featured in “The Bleeding Edge” Netflix Documentary

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The new medical-device documentary “The Bleeding Edge,” which released on Netflix this past weekend, prominently features Johnson & Johnson.

The film takes aim at pharmaceutical giants for their recalled, defective, and soon to be discontinued medical devices and products. Such products and devices injure thousands of people each year.


“The Bleeding Edge” film producers work to connect current J&J Chairman of the Board and CEO, Alex Gorsky, to the development and launch of J&J’s Ethicon Physiomesh. As noted in the documentary, Mr. Gorsky was the Group Chairman of Ethicon at the time that Physiomesh was developed and launched to the marketplace.

Ethicon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, formerly headed by J&J’s current Chairman of the Board and CEO Alex Gorsky.

Johnson & Johnson has once again found itself back in the news fighting another major legal battle, as thousands of women across the country work to file lawsuits alleging that its talc-based products, regularly used for feminine hygiene, caused their ovarian cancer. These products (produced, marketed and sold by Johnson & Johnson) include the popular Baby Powder and Shower to Shower talcum powders.

Recently, a jury in Missouri awarded 22 women and their families $4.7 billion after Johnson & Johnson failed to warn them of the cancer risks associated with using these talcum powder products.


The documentary also serves as an exposé of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an institution that the producers of “The Bleeding Edge” say fails to prioritize public health above financial gain.

This extensive investigation into the $400 billion medical device industry takes the FDA to task by revealing legal loopholes in outdated regulatory practices. These loopholes, also known as a 501k exemption, enable corporations to get easy approval for untested, and often unsafe, new technologies. New medical device technology is essentially given a pass if it is believed to be an upgrade to an old model – even if that model has since been recalled or found to be defective.


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