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Graco Recalls 5 Million Strollers After Reports of Infant Finger Amputations

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Infant fingertip amputation is something that no parent wants to even think about. Approximately 5 million Graco baby strollers have been recalled due to this very danger.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and Graco have received reports of injuries including six reports of fingertip amputations, four reports of partial-fingertip amputation and one finger laceration.

The recall includes the following stroller models sold between August 1, 2000, and November 19, 2014:

  • Aspen
  • Breeze
  • Capri
  • Cirrus
  • Glider
  • Kite
  • Lite Rider
  • Sierra
  • Solara
  • Sterling
  • Travel Mate

The Chairman of the CPSC, Elliot Kaye, said manufacturers do not always put forth as much effort as they should behind dangerous product recalls.

“We need to solve this problem and we need as much energy and as much participation from all different aspects as we can,” said Kaye.

He considers a “successful” recall to have 20% reclamation, while bad recalls can have as little as 5%.

Though many new consumer protection laws have been passed in recent decades, unsafe products continue to make it onto the market, and serious injuries often occur before safety hazards come to light.

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