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Exploding E-Cigarette Leaves New York Man Badly Injured

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A New York man is recovering from severe burns and facial injuries suffered when an e-cigarette exploded in his face. The incident occurred when Kenneth Barbero went to use the device and the vaporizer’s battery exploded in his face, knocking out his teeth, ripping a hole in his tongue, and severely burning his hands.

The New York case is the latest in a series of e-cigarette explosions reported nationwide. Most cases appear to be related to the e-cigarette batteries, raising red flags about the safety of the popular tobacco alternatives that are part of a multi-billion dollar industry. Barbero’s mother told WTEN that she believes an exploding battery was to blame in her son’s accident. Earlier this month an Alabama teen was badly burned after his classmate’s e-cigarette exploded and he was struck by the burning battery. In Ohio, a fire department issued a public warning after a lab worker had an e-cigarette blow up inside the pocket of his lab coat.

The explosions are likely linked to the lithium-ion batteries that fuel the vaporizers in electronic cigarettes. Lithium-ion batteries are the same category of battery that charge cell phones and laptop computers. Lithium-ion batteries have also been reported as the cause of explosions in cell phones and other electronic devices, including “hover boards.” Experts recommend using only the batteries and charging accessories which either come with or are made for the vaporizer to ensure safety during use. E-cigarettes are also dangerous when put into pockets as coins and other metal items can rub against the device and short-circuit the lithium battery.

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