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Environmental Protection Agency finds Walter Coke Liable for Pollution

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North Birmingham facility, Walter Coke, was listed as one of five companies responsible for contaminating three north Birmingham neighborhoods with toxic chemicals.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently told Birmingham News that five companies, including Walter Coke, have been informed that their actions make them liable for the widely reported contamination and clean-up going on throughout the Collegeville, Fairmont and Harriman Park neighborhoods.

Contamination in the areas surrounding the Walter Coke plant was considered to be serious enough for the federal government to intervene. The EPA declared the area to be a Superfund site after testing the soil, water, and air in the neighborhoods.

Doing so allows the government to expedite the cleanup process by holding parties responsible for the monetary impact of cleanup. Currently, the homeowners and residents of properties that the EPA deems to be severely polluted are being contacted by EPA officials to coordinate the cleanup process. Due to the lack of funding to help all affected properties at once, the EPA has decided to start with the 50 most contaminated.

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