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Cultural Heritage and Coffee in Hawaii

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Co-founder Leila H. Watson is a staunch supporter of minorities in the business world due to her own cultural and familial background.

Leila’s parents, Chikara Hirayama and Kikuyo Imamura, were born to Japanese immigrants in the early 1900s on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands of Oahu and Molokai.  They were raised to value family and their cultural heritage, values that were later passed on to Leila and her four siblings.

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Leila Watson and her daughter, Lili, a legal assistant at Cory Watson following in her mother’s footsteps, recently visited Molokai, Hawaii for a family reunion. They celebrated the life of family patriarch, Chikara Hirayama, by scattering his ashes on the mountains and oceans where he lived and by eating his favorite foods prepared by friends and family from across the U.S.

Since returning, Lili Watson has been sharing some delicious Hawaiian coffee with us at Cory Watson as well as the little-known history of coffee on Hawaii.

Molokai used to host large fields of pineapple plantations; however, due to the lack of easily accessible fresh water, these fields were abandoned in the 1980s. The University of Hawaii used the fields to test experimental crops and see what would grow well on the island – they found that coffee grew very well on Molokai. As a result, a coffee plantation named Coffees of Hawaii was set up in Kualapuu, a small village on Molokai.

Coffees of Hawaii cultivates and sells coffee that is grown only in Hawaii, and many that are only grown on Molokai. They make several flavors that encompass Hawaiian life and culture such as toasted coconut and vanilla macadamia nut. The current Cory Watson office opinion is that vanilla macadamia nut is the best!

We are pleased that Leila and Lili have decided to share a part of their culture with us at Cory Watson Attorneys. Now, we would love to share it with you as well! Click here to visit Coffees of Hawaii’s website and purchase a piece of Hawaii for yourself.

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