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Cory Watson Welcomes End Rape on Campus

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three people stand under a Cory Watson Attorneys signWe were pleased to welcome friends from End Rape on Campus (EROC) to Birmingham this week. Sofie Karasek, Director of Education and Co-Founder of EROC, and friends dropped by the Cory Watson Attorneys offices Thursday afternoon as they passed through town on their trek through the south.

End Rape on Campus works to end campus sexual violence through direct support for survivors and their campus communities; prevention through education; and policy reform at the campus, local, state, and federal levels. They envision a world in which every individual has an educational experience free from violence, and until then, that all survivors are believed, trusted, and supported.

Cory Watson works directly with EROC in assisting survivors of campus sexual violence to hold accountable their assailants and the colleges and universities accountable. When survivors require legal assistance beyond EROC’s scope, Cory Watson steps in. Cory Watson stands with survivors of sex crimes.

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