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Cory Watson Cares: Children’s of AL Sugar Plum Shop

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Sugar Plum Shop Cory Watson Attorneys Children's Alabama

For some children, this year’s holiday season will be spent in a hospital bed.

Whether due to long-term sickness or an ill-timed injury, these kids and their families won’t get to enjoy the holidays in their own homes. To ward off any Christmas blues, the staff and volunteers at Children’s of Alabama set up an in-hospital toy shop to make sure Christmas still feels special for their patients.


Walking into the Sugar Plum Shop at Children’s of Alabama is a dream come true for many parents of sick children admitted to the hospital near Christmas. Toys are stacked floor to ceiling, giving parents the opportunity to “shop” for their hospitalized children and siblings.

They have thousands of toys to choose from – and best of all, it’s free! It’s a big help to the parents who might not have the resources to purchase their presents outside of the hospital while caring for a sick child.

As a local law firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, Cory Watson Attorneys is always looking for ways in which we can give back to our community. We are proud to serve as a corporate sponsor of the Sugar Plum Shop and fully support their mission of helping those who are facing tough times during the holidays.


This year, Cory Watson is thrilled to donate 200 children’s bicycle helmets to the Sugar Plum Shop. This incredible organization has served as a source of delight for hundreds of patients and their parents. We were happy to show our support and drop off the donation directly to their hard-working staff.

Considering the cost of treatment, along with the extra stress and time it takes to care for a hospitalized child, it’s difficult for parents to give their kids the kind of Christmas they’d like to. But thanks to the Sugar Plum Shop, Children’s of Alabama can feel a little more like home.

At Cory Watson Attorneys, we are personally committed to giving back to the community. Cory Watson Cares is our community outreach initiative; we partner with local nonprofit organizations to expand educational opportunities, improve the community, and help people lead healthier, safer, and happier lives.

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