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Alabama Sees Spike In The Number Of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

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An increasing number of fatal motorcycle accidents is a problem across the United States, but the issue is especially in need of urgent attention in Alabama. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates the number of Alabama Motorcycle Accident fatalities jumped by close to 30 percent between 2009 and 2011.

Experts attribute the increase in accidents to a combination of the rise in the number of bikes that are on the road today and the increasing number of new, inexperienced riders. Up to 70 percent of motorcycle accidents involved riders with little to no formal riding training and many who do not have a license endorsement to ride.

In an effort to curb this growing problem, several local motorcycle dealerships are holding rider education courses that will focus on giving novice riders the experience they need to safely operate a motorcycle.

An article from 48 News says the courses will be offered six times each month and will cover such topics as safely stopping and starting the bike as well as how to properly navigate a curve in the road. One instructor pointed out that maneuvering a bike through a turn is a key skill, considering 70 percent of single-motorcycle accidents are the result of failing to negotiate a curve.

Cory Watson Attorneys and their team of Birmingham personal injury attorneys applaud the efforts to educate motorcyclists on safety and urge all motorcyclists to participate in the courses.

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