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Alabama Ranked High in Vehicle-Related Deaths

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auto accidentThere are thousands of fatalities on U.S. roads every year, and unfortunately, we get our fair share in Birmingham. In recent years, Alabama has had the seventh-highest motor vehicle occupant death rate in the country. Many believe the extraordinarily high fatality rate in Alabama is due to the large number of rural roads in the state, as many of these roads are narrow or have blind curves, leading to more head-on accidents at high rates of speed.

No matter the cause, every vehicle-related fatality in Alabama means someone’s not coming home ever again, leaving his/her family with more questions than answers. As personal injury lawyers who handle a large number of Alabama’s wrongful death cases, our first priority in a fatal car accident case is getting justice for the deceased. Most often, that means securing compensation for the victim’s surviving family members as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Achieving that takes experienced lawyers and a compassionate staff, and at Cory Watson Attorneys, we have both in spades.

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