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5 Tips for a Good Deposition

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One of the key components of any personal injury case is the deposition. A deposition is an interview under oath with the opposing attorney. It’s your first official opportunity to share your side of the story, and because it is under oath, anything that is said can come up again in court. That’s why it’s vitally important that you are properly prepared for your deposition before you sit down at the table.

Here are 5 tips for giving a good deposition:

  1. Tell the truth. You have nothing to gain from embellishing or misrepresenting the facts of the case. In our experience, the truth always comes out in the end, so stick to the facts and never guess, because you can be sure the opposing attorney will investigate your answers.
  2. Take your time. The opposing attorney will be asking you several questions, some of which are intended to catch you off guard or cause you to contradict yourself. Take your time after every question to process it properly. Only answer once you’re ready.
  3. Correct yourself if necessary. If you feel like you’ve unintentionally misrepresented the facts in one of your answers, don’t be afraid to speak up. Simply say that you would like to revise your answer and then set the record straight. It’s much better to do so at the deposition than on the witness stand.
  4. Be courteous. The opposing attorney has no vendetta against you. It is their job to give their client the best defense. Don’t take it personally. Be patient, courteous, and answer their questions without sarcasm or attitude.
  5. Be physically prepared. Eat a good meal the night before and get plenty of rest. Depositions don’t usually take long, but you still want to be fresh and aware the entire time.

Depositions can be intimidating, but rest assured your Cory Watson attorney will be by your side the entire time, so there’s nothing to worry about. If you don’t already have legal representation, give us a call. We’ll review your case for free with absolutely no obligation to you. Give us a call today.

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