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2 Questions Every Accident Victim Should Ask

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At Cory Watson, our clients call us for a number of reasons, but the underlying concern is always the same. They’re worried about the financial impact their injuries will have on their families. It’s understandable. After all, medical bills are still the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. No one should be forced into insolvency due to the negligence of someone else. That’s why they call us for a free consultation to find out their options, and we’re always happy to speak with them.

The two questions we hear most often in consultations are: 1) how much is my case worth, and 2) how much will hiring a lawyer cost me? Let’s take each of these separately.

How much is my case worth?

A number of factors impact how much your case is worth, including the circumstances leading up to your accident, the severity of your injuries, and the immediate and long-term financial hardship the accident has/will cause. Determining the exact value of your accident takes time, but most often we can provide a range based on previous cases.

How much will hiring a lawyer cost me?

At Cory Watson, we work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay if/when we win or settle your case. That payment is a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount you receive, and the percentage will be agreed upon before we take your case so everyone involved is comfortable with the arrangement. If by chance, we don’t win your case, you won’t owe us anything.

Calling a lawyer after an accident can be the most important decision of your life. If you’ve been injured, call our experienced Birmingham car accident attorneys today for a free consultation. We’ll answer all your financial questions with no obligation to you, and if you become a client, we’ll work hard to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

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