It’s estimated that people are involved in car crashes every eighteen years, meaning the average driver will be involved in about three accidents during their lifetime. Whether this is your first accident or your third, the moments following a crash can be confusing.

What should I do after an accident? What are my legal rights? Who should I contact? These are just a few of the questions car accident victims ask themselves. Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

If you or a loved one were injured in an Alabama car wreck, you may deserve insurance money to reimburse damage to your car, your medical expenses, lost wages, and more. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call (877) 562-0000 or fill out the online case evaluation form.

Alabama Car Accident FAQs

Should I get medical attention after a car accident?

Yes. Most car accident injuries are visible, but many conditions like concussions, whiplash, and muscle strains are not immediately obvious. Seeking medical assistance will not only ensure you are receiving the proper treatment, but will also document any injuries you could have sustained. This could help build a stronger car accident claim.

Can the driver who caused my accident be held responsible?

Determining responsibility or liability depends on the cause of the collision. In a truck accident, for example, the truck’s driver could be held responsible, as could the trucking company, or even a tire manufacturer, depending on the circumstances. Our lawyers can work to hold those responsible accountable for your injuries.

Why should I contact an Alabama car accident lawyer?

Speaking with an experienced car accident attorney can help you determine if you can take legal steps to recover damages for your injuries. At Cory Watson Attorneys, we can advise you with the best path to take with your case. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping accident injury victims fight for their right to fair compensation. If you don’t need a lawyer, we’ll tell you. And if you do, we would be honored to represent you.

Can I get compensation for a hit-and-run accident?

If the other driver involved in a crash flees the scene, you will have to file a claim with your insurance provider to cover the damages. In order to be covered by your own insurance after a hit-and-run, you will likely need to have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.

If you do not have such coverage, you could be forced to pay out-of-pocket for your expenses. Don’t assume anything. Let our lawyers look at your policies and review your options. Our review of your claim is free.

What factors may be included in my car accident settlement or verdict?

The victim of a collision may be entitled to compensatory and non-compensatory damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and more. The types of damages to which a person may be entitled can often vary depending on the physical, emotional, and material damages incurred.

Is Alabama a no-fault state?

No. After an Alabama motor vehicle accident, one individual will usually be considered “at fault” for the crash. Generally, the insurance companies and police will determine who was at fault based on the state’s legal definition of negligence.

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