Alabama Civil Damages Act & Dram Shop Act

When drivers make the decision to drive under the influence of alcohol, they not only put themselves in danger, but they put others at risk as well. Not only is the individual held liable for damages that he or she causes, but the restaurant, bar, or liquor store that provided the intoxicated person with the alcohol can also be held liable.

Almost all states (43) have dram shop acts, but these laws vary widely as to whether they cover public places like bars, restaurants and clubs, as well as private individuals who serve alcohol to party guests.

For example, Alabama’s Dram Shop Act allows individuals injured by an intoxicated person to sue that person and any person or business that provided alcohol to the intoxicated person.

Alabama Dram Shop Act

Under the Dram Shop Act, any individual or business selling alcohol must do so in a responsible manner. If an individual or employee of a bar serves an individual that is intoxicated, and that intoxicated person injures someone, then the restaurant or bar can be held liable for the injuries caused by that intoxicated person.

Civil Damages Act

Alabama also has a law known as the Civil Damages Act, which is specifically to protect minors from being served or given alcohol. It states that an individual or business providing alcohol to a minor that knows or should have known of the minority can be sued for the injuries to, or death of, the minor.

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