Cory Watson Cares Supports Magic City Bike Club

Bradley Spears of the Magic City Bike Club talks about the needs of two Birmingham teenagers and how Cory Watson Attorneys was able to help.

Angela Milhouse

Angela Milhouse discusses the injuries she sustained in 2 accidents and how her attorney helped her understand every step of the process.

Robert Lessley

Robert Lessley describes his experience with the legal team at Cory Watson Attorneys, and how the compensation he received helped to make up for what he lost.

Tornado Safety

Recently, Cory Watson Attorneys took its Helmets for Kids safety program to Cordova Elementary School in recognition of Severe Weather Awareness Week. The firm donated fifty bicycle helmets to Cordova Elementary School for the school’s helmet drive, and when the attorneys learned the school was still short of their goal, the firm presented the school principal with a check for one thousand dollars to complete their helmet drive. See how the helmets will benefit the school in the videos below!